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I am hybrid: half a dreamer of the impossible; half a doer of it. A "hands-on" planner.
Who is Daniele Daly?

A North American citizen raised in Brazil. A public relations, marketing professional, graphic designer, photographer, dancer, and writer. An art, culture, and education enthusiast obsessed with music, books, and popcorn.

With over 10 years experience in marketing, communications and strategic planning, a bachelor degree in communications with an emphasis in Public Relations, and a Master degree in Strategic Marketing, I left Brazil coming to San Diego diving on a deep and transforming experience of expanding my consciousness regarding what it feels like being a world citizen... living far away from my comfort zone.

More about me

After dancing (and teaching) for 8 years, in 2003 I have started attending my bachelors in Social Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations. I have chosen this course knowing I would enjoy a lot working in strategic communication. Also, because I saw an opportunity of taking advantage of my previous experience, exercising creativity, as a choreographer and dancer.

Very soon I understood: everything was connected. Then, I have decided to set up as my mission to work connecting people using the tools I love the most, which are art, communication, and technology, creating business opportunities.

Daniele Daly

Marketing Professional
I am a mission-driven creative marketing professional, passionate about helping others, education, art, communication, and entertainment.

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